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Boy Scout Eagle Recognition
Westport Camp #64 is pleased and honored to recognize young men from Missouri about to earn Scouting's highest honor, the rank of Eagle Scout. Westport Camp #64 rewards these young men with a Certificate of Coommendation (see below) to those who timely complete the SUV application process. If desired, and if scheduling permits, a presentation at the Eagle Scout Court of Honor may be arranged.
We know attainment of the Eagle rank involves physical and mental effort. We especially want to recognize the patriotic components of the various badges completed as well as the planning and leadership for the Eagle Scout service project. These traits are important to our nation now as was the past sacrifices of the Grand Army of the Republic. We believe that individual recognition further highlights the good citizenship already underway in the Eagle Scout.
     1) Open the certificate application.
**Important** To download the Application, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. A copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader may be obtained free of charge by clicking on the following icon:
      2) Complete the opened application with ALL the requested applicant, court of honor and contactinformation. Save this to a PDF file on your computer.

      3) E-mail the filled in application file to the Westport Camp #64 Eagle Scout Coordinator. Copying the saved file into the text of this e-mail as well as attaching the saved file to the e-mail will ease any software problems, and back up the information. Please note the requested 45 day prior to Court of Honor lead time.

      4) You will be contacted (usually via e-mail) regarding the delivery of the certificate. Adequate lead time using the dates in the application are the keys to smooth delivery scheduling.
      For background information on the application process or an application, please review the information on our national web pages at the S.U.V. Eagle Scout web site.

      If you have additional questions about the local Eagle Scout Commendation Program, or to request an Eagle Scout Commendation Certificate, please e-mail Bud Marks, Westport Camp #64 Eagle Scout Coordinator with your request and completed application.
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